Advantages and Challenges of Digital Green Certificates

Digital Green Certificate
A Digital Green Certificate is a document that proves that a person: a) has been vaccinated against Covid-19; or b) has tested negative in the last couple of days; or c) has already recovered from the infection.

Agro-food sector: Blockchain Foundations for Technological Revolution

AgroFood Blockchain
The hard-hitting theme of environmental sustainability and food waste embraces numerous aspects of our economic and social life involving agro-food businesses and, ultimately, consumers.

Blockchain APIs – another buzzword or a game changer for companies?

Blockchain APIs are increasingly being used by developers (and you can onboard a blockchain API agency or developer if you don’t have the resource in-house) to support owned programmes or connect with others through the network. API’s are nothing new and we know how they can be implemented but when it comes to cryptocurrency, blockchain API’s will provide companies with a number of benefits.

Here’s the Current Blockchain Landscape in Switzerland

Swiss Blockchain Landscape Crypto Infos
The current blockchain landscape in Switzerland has presented many opportunities. Everyone wins within the Swiss blockchain ecosystem.  In this landscape, the Swiss have shown their resilience in adapting to emerging trends.  They have proven yet again that they can keep abreast of events regardless of the times in one word:...

Blockchain and the future of social networks

Despite the big talks about a more ethical and beneficial use of social media networks, which is able to curb offensive and violent content, the real benefits of introducing Blockchain and other decentralised technologies in social platforms are still unexplored.  While Whatsapp users migrate to other platforms (Telegram in particular) spooked by privacy...

Can a Blockchain-based voting system actually work?

Blockchain Voting
Voting from a computer or smartphone sounds certainly convenient and fascinating. An increase in turnout and the comfort of working from home is a strong incentive for its strong development in the future.  However, studies have been showing so far the opposite outcome: since it is still seen with suspiciousness, this leads to...

Self Sovereign Identity and Health data – What is the link?

The debate around the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) concept is on for a long time now. It revolves around the idea of what identity is and how many identities people can own.  Individual (or personal) data is one of the best instruments to track and trace Covid-19. It enables medicines and vaccines to be...

A career in Blockchain: is Covid-19 helping?

Blockchain Jobs, Career in Blockchain Crypto Infos
Companies from multiple sectors all over the world are looking for Blockchain experts, and that's a fact. Establishing a career in Blockchain is definitely a wise choice, also considering that as a new technology, not many qualified professionals are ready to take the challenge and to embrace the solutions that can offer. Needless to say, the opportunities can be great...

When does a solar energy system pay off? – Ormera

Profitability calculation: When does a solar energy system pay off? There are several reasons and incentives to invest in a solar energy system. While real estate companies are strategically expanding their service portfolio and large landowners are modernizing building infrastructure, private homeowners are simply dreaming about having their own solar and clean energy system. Nevertheless, the same question keeps on...

Blockpulse: EU start up 100% tokenized

Blockpulse becomes the first start-up of the union european 100% tokenized and aims to revolutionize the market for lifting capital Europe The Era of Digital Shareholding Founded in April 2018 by Thibaut Ingelaere and Marien Irzykiewicz Blockpulse has just finalized its tokenized BSA AIR fundraising, becoming the first 100% Tokenized European startup and is now preparing...