Crypto Infos Team

Active since 2018, Crypto Infos is a Blockchain and Digital Assets Media Agency based in Switzerland. Our platform provides educational articles, insightful interviews and columns on the latest advancements in the Blockchain and Crypto space. In 2020, Crypto Infos team launched its flagship product and services, 'Crypto & Blockchain Jobs Partners', a Blockchain & Crypto Jobs marketplace to democratize crypto careers and connect Blockchain talents to corporates and Crypto start-ups. Our team has built long-lasting professional networks and strong partnerships with top Blockchain and Crypto entities, SMEs and Fintech start-ups thanks to a trusted and committed team working entirely remotely.

Founder & Director

Jean-Armand worked in the Finance & Advisory sectors for the past 10+ years for corporates, SMEs and Fintech companies. His background includes Senior Management positions for the largest Swiss TelCo provider, Crypto Hedge Funds and Blockchain start-ups in Switzerland and abroad.

Full Stack Developer

Gregory started by white hat jacking his secondary school during his early ages in Singapore. Since then, he has hold management positions in multinational hospitality companies in 12+ countries.

Head of Digital Asset Research

Simon's background includes buy-side research position in investment companies and experience in Big Four accounting firms. Simon currently works as a Junior Portfolio Manager in a wealth management company based in Zurich.


Originally from Winnipeg in Canada, Colleen has worked for some of the largest Canadian transportation companies before deciding to head to the South of France where she leads most of her operations from the past ten years.


Jasmin is a PhD Researcher in Language Education and Mathematics. Based in Innsbruck, Austria , Jasmin teaches at the Leopold-Franzens Universität linguistic and cultural diversity in English.

Social Media Assistant

Selena is an avid and active Social Media professional. Leveraging her years of experience in marketing agencies and AR/VR technology companies in North America and the Gulf countries, Selena is constantly in the hunt for content creation and strategic partnerships with the Crypto and Blockchain communities.


Roberto demonstrates a strong interest in AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Thanks to his legal academia path and his solid research skills, he revealed thorough expertise in technology legal-related topics.


Former finance analyst, now Blockchain consultant, blogger and educator, Alberto's mission is to show how Blockchain is shaping the way our children will live.


Experienced creative professional focusing on fintech analysis, cryptocurrency ecosystem and blockchain space. Teuta thinks that without Blockchain - everything would seem like one endless Groundhog Day.


Polly is a Blockchain enthusiast who previously worked extensively with NGOs. She is now a researcher and blogger. She has a special interest in tokenized assets as well as compliance and how regulations are evolving alongside the technology.

Crypto Infos is a Blockchain and Digital Assets Media Agency based in Switzerland. Our flagship product and service is ‘Crypto & Blockchain Jobs Partners‘, a Blockchain & Crypto Job marketplace.