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The 2024 Web3 Banking Symposium: A Pioneering Event for the Future of Finance

The finance industry stands on the brink of a transformative era with the upcoming Web3 Banking Symposium, scheduled for March 6th, 2024, in Geneva. Organized by the Crypto Valley Association, this event is poised to be a groundbreaking convergence of blockchain technology and traditional banking, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of global finance.

Bridging Traditional Banking and Blockchain Innovation

The Web3 Banking Symposium is designed to address the critical need for the integration of blockchain technology within traditional financial institutions. As the demand for crypto-related services escalates among bank clientele, the symposium aims to facilitate a comprehensive dialogue on how traditional banks can navigate the complexities of incorporating Web3 services into their offerings.

A Day of Insightful Exchange and Learning

Participants can expect a full day of engaging discussions and presentations, covering a wide range of topics crucial for the adoption of blockchain in banking. The symposium will feature five dedicated streams focusing on the most pressing issues:

  • Legal Challenges: Swiss and EU regulations for financial institutions integrating crypto services.
  • AML and Compliance: The nuances of adhering to AML regulations in crypto transactions.
  • Tax and Accounting: Policies applicable to crypto, including on/off-balance crypto accounting and capital requirements.
  • Infrastructure: Solutions for crypto custody, payments, and crypto-fiat exchanges.
  • Product Development: Meeting corporate and retail customer demand for crypto and crypto/fiat products, including payments and asset management.

Distinguished Speakers and Partners

The event boasts an impressive lineup of speakers from both the crypto-friendly banking sector and blockchain businesses compliant with traditional banking requirements.

Notable speakers include Christian Bieri of AMINA Bank, Andreas Barattiero of St. Galler Kantonalbank, and Yves Holenstein of Bitcoin Suisse, among others. The symposium is also supported by a range of partners, highlighting the collaborative effort to drive the adoption of digital assets in banking.

Join the First Ever Web3 Banking Symposium

Set in the picturesque city of Geneva, the symposium offers participants not only a chance to gain invaluable insights but also to network with industry leaders. Tickets are available for both CVA members and non-members, with full access passes including breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, and a networking apero.




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