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#CodeVsCOVID19: HackZurich, widely known as Europe’s largest hackathon, under the patronage of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), mobilizes a global innovation ecosystem of several thousand developers, scientists, creative minds, medicals and epidemiologists to develop open-source prototypes to address the current COVID-19 challenges.

On Friday March 20, HackZurich reached their global network of 15 000 developers, engineers and data scientists to join the 72 hours online non-profit hackathon starting March 27, 5 pm CET,to activate the collective intelligence and solve challenges regarding COVID-19. Physicians, health experts, scientists, startups and creative individuals are joining to collaborate on solving the most pressing health and socio-economic challenges in the current crisis.

Anyone can contribute

Under the patronage of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) and in collaboration with partners such as ETH Zurich, Careum Foundation and CSS Insurance, the initiative #CodeVsCOVID19 calls out to bright individuals and communities with expertise in data science or healthcare to contribute solutions or to propose challenges for the hackathon. Further, the initiative is reaching out to organizations who can contribute data, technology or support communications globally.

Tech- and medical talents, scientists and health experts, tech and data driven companies and humanitarian organizations, as well as creative individuals can sign up now on ​ ​to contribute with solutions, challenges or mentoring.

With ​#CodeVsCOVID19​ and ​#VersusVirus​, two initiatives have been launched under the patronage of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), which use the collective intelligence of researchers, experts, technology specialists and fellow citizens to develop fresh ideas and solutions for dealing with and combating the Coronavirus. The starting signal is given with the 72h online non-profit hackathon #CodeVsCOVID19, happening from 27 to 30 March.

The #VersusVirus initiative will build on the solutions and prototypes previously developed. From April 2 to 4, within 48hours, courageous and innovative ideas with a special focus on Swiss challenges will be developed. The two initiatives thematically build on each other and the results are then jointly summarised, communicated and followed up.

Work in Progress

The topics to work on are constantly added on ​ to avoid duplicates and to enhance efficiency during the hackathon. Topics are about novel public information and rescue systems, methods of infection detection and tools for medical support, logistics and operations, distancing and e-learning tools to facilitate social interactions. Visit for updates.

Results that make lives for all concerned parties easier

The results of #CodeVsCOVID19 are dozens of open-source prototypes, developed online within 72-hours, starting on 27 March, ​5 pm CET. The prototypes and solutions provide innovative approaches for the most pressing health, social and economic challenges of the current coronavirus crisis and beyond.

They aim to make the lives of any affected parties easier, prevent further damage and manage the current challenging situation. Solutions will be awarded and published online to be further developed and implemented thereafter. Further editions of #CodeVsCOVID19 will constantly follow if needed.

Media Contact: ​HackZurich,

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