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Web3’s Most Exclusive Content-Driven Summit

A Collaborative Platform for Trust-Building in the Web3 Industry

Proof of Talk, the highly anticipated summit of the Web3 industry, is set to take place in Paris, France on the 14th and 15th of June. With a focus on fostering trust in this emerging field, the event will gather thought leaders and C-suite executives from across the globe to engage in meaningful conversations and forge valuable collaborations. Boasting the highest attendance of senior leadership in any European Web3 event, Proof of Talk is an exclusive and prestigious gathering that aims to chart a path towards a more trustworthy future for the industry.

Unparalleled Speaker Lineup and Future-Forward Discussions

With tickets now available at, attendees can look forward to an extraordinary lineup of over 75 industry leaders who will share their insights and expertise during the two-day event. Notably, 90% of the audience consists of C-suite executives, including CEOs and founders of the top 50 blockchain companies, making it a prime opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Esteemed speakers such as Charles Hoskinson (Co-Founder of Cardano) and Stani Kulechov (Founder and CEO of Aave) will grace the stage, alongside influential figures like Jemima Kelly from the Financial Times moderating engaging panels.

Shaping the Future and Igniting Collaboration

The first day of the summit, titled “Bringing Trust back into Web3,” will feature forums and panels aimed at addressing the industry’s pressing issues in a safe and open environment. These discussions seek to restore trust in the decentralization revolution by facilitating conversations among industry changemakers. On the second day, the focus will shift towards the future, bringing together promising Web3 start-ups and esteemed investors like Softbank and Fabric Ventures. This dynamic setting will foster creativity, collaboration, and valuable connections between founders and investors.

Originally an invite-only event, the overwhelming demand from the Web3 community led the event organizers, X Ventures, to release a limited number of tickets to the public. Attendees can expect insightful panels, keynotes, fireside chats, open Q&A sessions, and ample networking opportunities with major media representatives throughout both days of the summit.

Zohair Dehnadi, a partner at X Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Proof of Talk serves as a crucial platform for industry leaders to share ideas, best practices, and insights on shaping the future of the Web3 industry. We are committed to re-establishing trust and reigniting the drive and passion that drew us to decentralization. With thought-provoking discussions, cutting-edge insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities, we invite more industry leaders to join us in this transformative event.

“We are incredibly proud to host an event which promises to bring together the brightest minds and top CEOs from the world’s most influential blockchain companies. We are inviting C-level executives, founders, influencers, legal experts and regulatory authorities to this unparalleled event.

We acknowledge that the Web3 industry needs a soft reset after experiencing challenges with scams and rug pulls, unprofessionalism and short-sighted greed. We are determined to initiate critical conversations around re-establishing trust because we firmly believe the decentralisation movement offers a chance to change the world for the better.

Above all else, we want to reignite the drive and passion that initially drew us, the event organisers, to the world of decentralized technology. Proof of Talk offers leaders a vital platform to share their ideas, best practices and insights on how to shape the future of the Web3 industry and pave the path for trust. We hope more industry leaders will join us for two days of thought-provoking discussions, cutting-edge insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities.”

About X Ventures

X Ventures, the organizing entity behind Proof of Talk, is an impact venture fund based in Germany. Comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, their mission is to support and empower fellow entrepreneurs in creating positive and transformative change, with a particular focus on the Web3 industry. Additionally, X Ventures established, a global network of schools dedicated to providing a sustainable education for future leaders and changemakers, regardless of social status, financial need, or background.

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