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Crypto Mountain Davos 2024

Dive into the heart of innovation with CRYPTO MOUNTAIN DAVOS 2024, set against the stunning backdrop of Davos, Switzerland, from March 10-12. This exclusive event promises to be a pivotal moment for enthusiasts and professionals in the blockchain, AI, and Web3 sectors. Engage in deep discussions, connect with industry pioneers, and enjoy the legendary experiences of talk battles, snow action, and socializing fun. With a focus on the digital transformation and the future of decentralized systems, CRYPTO MOUNTAIN offers a unique blend of insightful knowledge and unforgettable moments. Don't miss your chance to be part of this historic turning point in the digital age.

Web3 Banking Symposium

Join the forefront of financial innovation at the 2024 Web3 Banking Symposium in Geneva, a pioneering event organized by the Crypto Valley Association. This symposium is set to bridge the gap between traditional banking and the revolutionary blockchain technology, offering a day filled with insightful discussions on legal challenges, compliance, tax, infrastructure, and product development in the crypto space. Engage with industry leaders, explore compliant blockchain solutions, and discover how traditional banks are integrating crypto services to meet growing customer demand. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of the evolution of banking in the digital age.

Proof of Talk: Leading Web3 Summit in Paris 14-15 June 2023

Proof of Talk, the highly anticipated summit of the Web3 industry, is set to take place in Paris, France on the 14th and 15th of June.

Cryptocurrency World Expo – Warsaw Summit 2022

Cryptocurrency World Expo, Warsaw Summit 2022 with an exclusive touch Cryptocurrency World Expo is proud to announce that after a long Covid-19 break, the summit...

Blockchain Foundations for the Agro-food sector

The hard-hitting theme of environmental sustainability and food waste embraces numerous aspects of our economic and social life involving agro-food businesses and, ultimately, consumers.

Blockchain APIs – a buzzword or a game changer for companies?

Blockchain APIs are increasingly being used by developers (and you can onboard a blockchain API agency or developer if you don’t have the resource in-house) to support owned programmes or connect with others through the network. API’s are nothing new and we know how they can be implemented but when it comes to cryptocurrency, blockchain API’s will provide companies with a number of benefits.

What is Polkadot? A Beginners Guide and Intro to Blockchain

What is Polkadot? A Beginners Guide and intro to Blockchain This video summarizes what is Polkadot and give you a quick overview at the Blockchain...

When does a solar energy system pay off? – Ormera

Profitability calculation: When does a solar energy system pay off? There are several reasons and incentives to invest in a solar energy system. While real...

Ormera – when billing process meets Blockchain technology

How many of you remember PostFinance closely following the development of Blockchain technology? The financial services unit of Swiss Post, PostFinance, in partnership with...

What is R3 in the Blockchain space? A review

R3 is a distributed ledger technology company leading a consortium of more than 200 firms. A vast majority of them gear their activities towards...