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How does the Blockchain Landscape look like in Switzerland in 2021?

The current blockchain landscape in Switzerland has presented many opportunities. Everyone wins within the Swiss blockchain ecosystem. 

In this landscape, the Swiss have shown their resilience in adapting to emerging trends. 

They have proven yet again that they can keep abreast of events regardless of the times in one word: adaptation.  They have been able to keep up with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.  Swiss institutions have become a force to reckon with in the global blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. 

Many things are happening simultaneously as proof of this. Here are a few of them. 

Bordier and Cie Initiates Crypto Trading 

The Swiss blockchain landscape was broadened when Swiss private bank Bordier and Cie announced the commencement of cryptocurrency trading activities. 

The new services will be made available to clients within the bank. Founded in 1844, the private bank has become one of the symbols of the excellence in banking and finance the Swiss are known for. 

Their trading platform will at first allow their customers to hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Tezos (XTZ). 

This has brought further inflows into the cryptocurrency space through the inclusion of high net worth individuals. Working with Sygnum’s b2b digital banking platform, the private bank intends to offer these assets to its clientele and improve its offerings. 

The great thing about the partnership with Sygnum is that the partnership comes with associated services. They include transaction observations, Know-Your-Customer and Anti-money laundering (AML) measures, custody of cryptocurrency keys, and more. 

It gives private financial institutions like Bordier and Cie SCmA the required vertical integrations. They also gain easy entry into the cryptocurrency space without the need for ground-up infrastructure. 

These kinds of partnerships in the blockchain landscape in Switzerland have made it possible for greater adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Sygnum Crypto Bank Provides a Glimpse into the Future of Banking

Sygnum, the cryptocurrency bank has become an all-purpose institution that caters to cryptocurrencies in every sense of the word.

For some time now, the crypto bank has been at the forefront of providing world-class services in the cryptocurrency industry. These services and products are provided with the right touch of innovation. 

For instance, Sygnum recently raised an “eight-figure” amount in a funding round led by SBI Holdings. The funding round was performed via its subsidiary SBI Digital Asset Holdings. 

Sygnum also tokenized its shares on the Ethereum blockchain last year. It has given rise to a new variant of listings where people can buy shares on public blockchains.

That Sygnum has a Swiss banking license and a Singaporean Capital Markets Services license gives it the ability to many things simultaneously. 

It is also one of the financial institutions that will bridge the current order and the digital asset space. 

Sygnum and other organizations like it have a role to play in shaping what the future will look like for blockchain organizations. 

SEBA Rules Over Everything Blockchain

As Switzerland’s first cryptocurrency bank, SEBA has broken several glass ceilings in the cryptocurrency space. 

Today, they are still leading the pack.

SEBA also tokenized its shares on the Ethereum blockchain. 

This issuance will be expanded upon as favorable cryptocurrency laws are adopted by the authorities.  It occurred because of the introduction of the Swiss tokenization law.  Issuing the tokenized units was a celebration of the milestone. 

SEBA also recently crossed the Swiss highlands to the British Isles to partner with ED&F Man Capital Markets to offer many cryptocurrency-related services to clients.

It shows that Swiss institutions are a force to reckon with in the digital asset space. And it’s also a testimony to the Swiss being able to hold the forte of finance in the twenty-first century. 

WeCan Group Secures Digital Asset Transactions 

Swiss blockchain builder WeCan Group is known for quite a few innovations in the blockchain space.  One of these is WeCan Comply; a premier blockchain compliance platform. WeCan Comply is a blockchain-based Know-Your-Customer (KYC) /Anti-Money Laundering (AML) platform. 

 The platform provides intuitive and secure solutions simultaneously.  This singular solution may have changed the compliance industry by a long mile. At the same time, WeCan Group is another star in the star-studded digital asset space. 

CV VC runs the show as far as Cryptocurrency Start-ups are concerned 

Switzerland’s crypto valley won’t be complete without mentioning CV VC.  The venture capital company has so far been able to prove that Crypto start-ups are profitable. The proof of this came to light when they provided qualified investors with direct access to its portfolio.

They would grant access through its Actively Managed Certificates (AMC). The AMC is a registered Swiss security, and it has a Swiss-based International Securities Identification Number (ISIN). 

This provides accredited investors access to the Crypto Valley’s start-up ecosystem and is proof of CV VC’s platinum standard. 

Bitcoin Suisse AG Seeks Cryptocurrency Banking License in 2021

Legendary Bitcoin Suisse AG is no stranger to success. Recently, in a letter to shareholders, the cryptocurrency finance company indicated that 2020 was a pivotal year for the growth of the cryptospace. 

It hinted at seeking a Swiss banking license in 2021. The great thing is that they might get the license the way cryptocurrency adoption is going! As cryptocurrencies continue to gain adoption, the world looks to Switzerland to continue creating new paradigms.

The Swiss are at the forefront of this financial evolution. 

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