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Key Takeaways:

The Internet Computer (IC) is the fastest general-purpose blockchain for Web3 dapps, DeFi, games, NFTs, social media, and metaverse projects.

IC was launched as an open-source project by DFINITY in May 2021.

The Internet Computer goal is to create a blockchain singularity through hosting dapps, content, and performing computation for billions of users.

Brief Overview


Further Resources

Below a list of resources and links we invite our readers to browse through to get a much better understanding of the DFINITY Foundation, the Internet Computer, its ecosystem and association:

You want some more?

Crypto Infos highly recommends watching the below videos 👀 to learn more about IC:

  • Internet Computer Genesis Launch Event
  • The Internet Computer — Overview of Token Economics
  • Community Conversations | Staking & Neurons

The Internet Computer’s advanced architecture and cryptography runs smart contract software with breakthrough levels of eciency. Systems built 100% on the Internet Computer run with effciency comparable to the traditional IT stack, providing massive savings in costs and protecting the environment.

The lower the cost of a blockchain,
the more environmentally friendly

DFINITY Foundation

Did you say scalability and costs?

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