Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Bitmain: investment of US $ 500 million

The mastodonte Bitmain has announced its intention via a press release to create a blockchain data processing center and a Texas-based bitcoin mining site for $ 500 million as part of its expansion into the United States. Bitmain, unstoppable Nearly half a billion is the equivalent of last year's nominal GDP of Comoros, islands in the Indian Ocean, in northern Mozambique....

Iran: in the footsteps of the Venezuelan Petro

Crypto Infos Iran
Penalties, hardening and bilateral relations between the United States and Iran have been steadily worsening over the last two years. The economic sanctions now weighing on the country of Hassan Rouhani could, in addition, have a negative impact on the economy of this country - OPEC's second largest oil producer - slowing global growth.

United States: 80% decrease in criminal activity via Bitcoin

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The United States Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) says criminal activity via cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply in the last five years. While bitcoin transactions are rising sharply, the currency of Nakamoto used by some criminals now only accounts for one-tenth of these transactions. Volume going up and ratio going down We remember the statement of a former US federal prosecutor. This...

Ethereum: Googled More Than X 110 Million

Given the impact of Ethereum on the evolution of blockchain since its creation in 2015, it is difficult to imagine today what it would look like this and most cryptocurrency without the invention of Buterin. Ethereum X Google The term "Ethereum" has appeared in more than 110 million Google...

Vinnik: ‘fake’ interrogation by French prosecutors

Alexander Vinnik's lawyer, a Russian citizen suspected of attempting to launder between $ 4 and $ 9 billion through the former exchange BTC-e, qualifies the interrogation of his client as 'fake'. The French authorities in charge of the investigation had not had the authorization to question down Vinnik this Tuesday, August 28.

KYC: 68% of exchanges do not meet standards

Previously cited in the article LexisNexis & Blockbid Partnership, KYC and AML formalities are in the line of sight of international regulators. However, it appears that only 32% of cryptos exchanges meet the guidelines. This is a study of the company P.A.I.D in partnership with Mitek, a technology provider for identity verification, which advances this low...

Venezuela: Petro nowhere to be seen

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Yet formally announced by the President of Venezuela in person, the local cryptocurrency, the Petro, should have been issued with, not only oil reserves as collateral, but also gold, diamonds and other commodities. A few months later, after a major issue of the latter, the record is far from brilliant: no one user, no investor and...

Russia: “Cryptoassets are not a threat to financial stability”

President of Russia's Central Bank doesn't want to call cryptocurrencies by their names. Elvira Nabiullina prefers the nickname "Cryptos-Things".  Last month, Elvira Nabiullina was at the recent annual international economic forum in St. Petersburg when she used this new wording. The report released on May 30 supports the statement that the volume of transactions is very small....

CEO of Lazard: cryptocurrency could replace the dollar

Ken Jacobs, CEO of Lazard, recently gave an interview at Bloomberg. Lazard director - a leading investment and asset management financial group with nearly 250 billion assets - was asked about the risks and opportunities of the USA. He shared his vision on the current and upcoming situation. The only risk is the economic...

Switzerland: cryptocurrencies accepted in a 2nd Bank

Falcon Bank & Maerki Baumann
Maerki Baumann, a Zurich-based private bank, announced that it will manage the cryptoassets of its customers. In Switzerland, it is the second private bank to take this step forward. Maerki Baumann & Falcon bank Previously mentioned in one of our last articles, Switzerland, or more precisely some Swiss...