Saturday, March 28, 2020
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The implications of Samsung’s Crypto phone

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Leaked screenshots of the flagship S10 smartphone showing a multicurrency cold wallet reveal that apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, Korean technology giant Samsungs new ‘crypto phone’ supports ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.  Some in the altcoin community hailed this as a possible indication of imminent mass adoption for various platforms in the Ethereum ecosystem, although from...

Getting Familiar With Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency has always been one of the most controversial technologies we have today. To some, the controversy is primarily fueled by the inability of governments to control the supply and demand of digital assets. Meanwhile, others believe that the skepticism associated with cryptocurrency is as a result of ignorance.

South Korea: Bitcoin classified as a financial asset

After Russia last summer and Ukraine last October, it is now the turn for South Korea to qualify Bitcoin as a financial asset. South Korea and Bitcoin, a tumultuous love story. At the beginning of the year, a wave of panic had blown not only on the crypto community but...

There is no more illegal activity in Bitcoin than in cash.

Some had doubts about it, others were more suspicious on this topic, but eventually, it is official. A former US federal prosecutor announced this summer during the international Money 20/20 conference taking place in the Netherlands: "many more crimes" were perpetrated via the use of fiat currencies and not with cryptocurrencies. This former District Attorney for...

Iran: cryptocurrency may be back

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The Iranian Central Bank decides to lift the bans on cryptocurrencies by next month. This approach opens the way for new regulations for the latter in the country. Opening the same file once again: cryptocurrency Shortly before the summer, the currency of Nakamoto and all these derivatives had experienced strong moments in the Persian Gulf and more particularly in the country...

Bitmain: investment of US $ 500 million

The mastodonte Bitmain has announced its intention via a press release to create a blockchain data processing center and a Texas-based bitcoin mining site for $ 500 million as part of its expansion into the United States. Bitmain, unstoppable Nearly half a billion is the equivalent of last year's nominal GDP of Comoros, islands in the Indian Ocean, in northern Mozambique....

United States: 80% decrease in criminal activity via Bitcoin

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The United States Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) says criminal activity via cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply in the last five years. While bitcoin transactions are rising sharply, the currency of Nakamoto used by some criminals now only accounts for one-tenth of these transactions. Volume going up and ratio going down We remember the statement of a former US federal prosecutor. This...

Iran: in the footsteps of the Venezuelan Petro

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Penalties, hardening and bilateral relations between the United States and Iran have been steadily worsening over the last two years. The economic sanctions now weighing on the country of Hassan Rouhani could, in addition, have a negative impact on the economy of this country - OPEC's second largest oil producer - slowing global growth.

Ethereum: Googled More Than X 110 Million

Given the impact of Ethereum on the evolution of blockchain since its creation in 2015, it is difficult to imagine today what it would look like this and most cryptocurrency without the invention of Buterin. Ethereum X Google The term "Ethereum" has appeared in more than 110 million Google...

Vinnik: ‘fake’ interrogation by French prosecutors

Alexander Vinnik's lawyer, a Russian citizen suspected of attempting to launder between $ 4 and $ 9 billion through the former exchange BTC-e, qualifies the interrogation of his client as 'fake'. The French authorities in charge of the investigation had not had the authorization to question down Vinnik this Tuesday, August 28.