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Companies from multiple sectors all over the world are looking for Blockchain experts, and that’s a fact.
Establishing a career in Blockchain is definitely a wise choice, also considering that as a new technology, not many qualified professionals are ready to take the challenge and to embrace the solutions that can offer. Needless to say, the opportunities can be great and the salaries too.

Main players in the crypto job market

Who’s recruiting in Blockchain?

Already in 2018, Blockchain topped 20 fastest-growing skills’ index according to Upwork, one the most considerable global freelancing website. Moreover, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) classified Blockchain as one of the ten key technologies to fight COVID-19.

If initially made its debut in the financial sector, within the last two years, it fastly spread over almost every industry, making the UK one of four nations to take better advantage of new Blockchain technologies, according to

Here is where to find a career in Blockchain:

Governments need crypto experts to advise them on so many aspects that are still obscure to the majority, and that could really benefit from security and inviolability.

Big Industries (banks, accountancy and legal firms, retailer companies) can transform their world if they embrace the change, suffice it to say that Blockchain could soon make it impossible to sell a stolen Rolex. Tech firms have all the reasons to secure the best experts on the planet.

Besides the particular role that professionals are performing within an organisation, everyone should have a basic understanding of decentralised and distributed ledgers for Blockchain to take root.

But is the global revolution mature to take flight?

Blockchain Jobs Opportunities

Let’s have a look at the prominent professional figures required for a career in Blockchain.

Having a quick glimpse at the leading worldwide employment websites, these are the jobs on the highest demand:

  • Blockchain Project Managers, which the primary role will be leading and connecting Blockchain projects, developing, supervising and executing Blockchain strategies; working closely and supporting team members across global markets. A project manager is expected to comprehend the technology in full.
  • Blockchain Developers, who create systems to record and store Blockchain data in order to prevent changes or hacks. They are programmers who create application features and interfaces: one of the most marketable career route at this stage.
  • Blockchain Solution Architects, to design and build Blockchain solution components with the team experts such as developers, and at the same time enabling commercial deployment solutions.
  • Blockchain Quality Engineers: the position is responsible for guaranteeing quality in all areas of Blockchain development, researching and guiding accordingly on Blockchain tools; conducting the testing and automation of frameworks for Blockchain.
  • Blockchain web designers, to design and build original concepts and creative user interfaces to inform customers what a company is offering in those websites who use cryptocurrencies.
  • Blockchain Legal Consultants and lawyers are indispensable members in all those organisations which want to adopt and integrate Blockchain into their working systems. Legal issues are always round the corner, and a good investigator with in-depth knowledge of International law, multiple language skills and extensive technical expertise is needed.

Blockchain during the Covid-19 pandemic

Blockchain technology and other technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) have proved to be essential to tackle numerous challenges due to the pandemic, and the growth of demand for such professional is an obvious consequence.

The key features of Blockchain can support clinical trial data management helping in primis with contact tracing and patient information sharing, and also in supplying chain management, online education, immigration management and helping to maintain social-distancing in delivery.

Contact tracing is maintained via mobile applications that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which systems help to guarantee a form of anonymity due to the use of unique digital fingerprint for each patient.

The decentralised system offered by Blockchain is a great tool to support the security and privacy of healthcare data when handling Covid-19 related information increasing patients’ control of their own data. The removal of centralised-database intermediaries facilitates the direct management of data, with a significant impact on cost-savings.

And finally, now more than ever, where the necessity of trustworthy and reliable information is felt against fake news and manipulation, the pressure for fact-checking technologies is a worldwide priority.

Traceability of the news means tracing the sources and consequently, its authenticity but also, the inability to alter change or delete news contents such as videos or pictures.

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