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Blockpulse becomes the first start-up of the union european 100% tokenized and aims to revolutionize the market for lifting capital Europe

The Era of Digital Shareholding

Founded in April 2018 by Thibaut Ingelaere and Marien Irzykiewicz Blockpulse has just finalized its tokenized BSA AIR fundraising, becoming the first 100% Tokenized European startup and is now preparing to initiate a revolution for the shareholding of start-ups in Europe.

Democratize the use of financial instruments

Fundraising when creating a company has become an essential step for all entrepreneurs looking for rapid growth. Nevertheless, fundraising is still perceived today as a complex, long and costly operation. Preparing this type of operation legally is still expensive and takes too long. According to France Digital, 9 out of 10 start-ups would seek to raise funds within two years of their creation when 6 out of 10 start-ups plan to add new employees to the capital.

The average legal budget to the operations of this nature is now between 5 and 15 k‚ā¨ according to our estimates. Managing ownership and contractual obligations towards the shareholders is time consuming and each new capital operation is a real puzzle as impacts and formalities are many, and yet nothing changes … 

Why many sectors have gone digital such as online banking, insurance or payroll management, while the sector of financing of unlisted companies and more generally of the shareholding of start-ups has remained at the age all paper, all manual, all billed? 

This is precisely the observation made by Blockpulse and the start of a process that is both new and obvious: make the use of fundraising accessible to all start-ups and facilitate the management of their shareholding on a daily basis. ‚ÄúWe must desecrate fundraising, allow an entrepreneur to raise with high flexibly, to be able to manage his growth and the arrival of new shareholders at his own pace. It is essential to bring agility to this market‚ÄĚ specifies Thibaut Ingelaere.  

At the crossroads of the needs of startups and investors’ appetite for innovation, Blockpulse itself as the key player in the development through an unprecedented solution combining legal and technological innovation around the blockchain allowing reduce the costs and delays associated with operations by around 60%. 

Initially built for the early stage startups, the platform Blockpulse has everything it needs to establish itself as the tool of reference in the process us investment of are companies and those linked to the Association in the capital of their employees. It allows to model the financing, better understand the issues related to the shareholding, select precisely the right tools in the mature stage of the business, and to provide a quality experience for shareholders and investors.

It is also preparing for the arrival of a secondary market, a sort of stock market for start-up shares, allowing any shareholder to be able to sell their shares at any time , like never before, while respecting the rights of shareholders. existing.

Digitize the shareholder life of the company

The already available solution has many unique advantages for entrepreneurs:  

  Accessible to all: no intermediate or technical language, it allows the start-ups or in the development stage to be guided e s to set their fundraising and generating all legal contracts in an automated manner. It will soon offer the possibility of associating the members of its team with capital on the same principle. A strong partnership with the law firm Kramer Levin is on the initiative. BSA air (SAFE notes), shares, stock options, convertible bonds, all of the instruments used by start-ups will be available today s in 2020. 

–¬†Secure: Each start-up can create its space gathering all the necessary information before inviting investors to access it.¬†A dedicated interface allows the negotiation of contracts between founders and investors.¬†No more back and forth emails, paper signatures¬†and¬†endless¬†attempts¬†to collect¬†term¬†sheets.

An unprecedented partnership with Lemonway, validated by BNP Paribas, the AMF (French financial regulator) and the ACPR (Bank of France) has made the project possible in accordance with regulations.           

–¬†Exhaustive: the securities register recorded on the¬†blockchain¬†is updated in real time¬†for¬†all issuance, subscription and disposal operations.¬†The capitalization table is now¬†automatically¬†updated, with¬†no¬†reporting¬†required.

The company’s shareholding becomes dynamic, programmable and liquid for the greatest¬†benefit of the¬†shareholders.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

A hundred operations targeted this year. 

With a solution to facilitate the use of financial instruments, the guarantee of a digital experience offered to shareholders, and the significant reduction in legal costs and time required for securities issuance operations, the solution has something to convince : ” The demand is strong we spend the time with our first customers since the first returns are key but our waiting list grows every day and we ‘ll open the service gradually , “said Marien Irzykiewicz .  

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From their experience in law of companies and mechanisms fundraising on blockchain, Thibaut and Marien fired convictions: ownership of tomorrow will be digital and corporate governance facilitated by blockchain. 

In addition, agent for blockchain title registers registered with the ACPR – a world first in the field, Blockpulse poses as an unprecedented player , able to manage the financial flows linked to current operations in the life of companies, from financing to transfer through the distribution of dividends.

Supported and funded by Hodefi, Blockpulse is Incubated in Le Swave and  Euratechnologies in the FALC program ( FinTech / LegaTech ). The company has the task to support start-ups by digitizing their ownership and completeness of the process us Issue financial securities and the governance associated.

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