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Alexander Vinnik’s lawyer, a Russian citizen suspected of attempting to launder between $ 4 and $ 9 billion through the former exchange BTC-e, qualifies the interrogation of his client as ‘fake’. The French authorities in charge of the investigation had not had the authorization to question down Vinnik this Tuesday, August 28.

Vinnik case, The Rebirth

Arrest of Alexander Vinnik, operator of BTC-e

If some enthusiastic cryptos have had the chance to blow during this summer before starting again in 2018, others will not be able to say as much. Even less people threatened with poison killings, the latter being suspected of being part of the group that hacked the famous Mt. Gox site.

These people are in fact one and the same identity by the name of Alexander Vinnik, a Russian citizen who should have been extradited first time to France because accused of having cheated thousands of people, including a hundred French . Neither extradited to the United States last October nor to France, the latter was supposed to return to his native country after the Prosecutor General of Russia has requested twice his extradition to the Federation.

As you will understand, the file currently being processed by the Thessaloniki Administrative Court of Appeal is not simple …

Timofey Musatov

The lawyer of the opposite party, Timofey Musatov, (Alexander Vinnik has two lawyers, one Greek -Ilias Spirliadis, the other Russian, Timofey Musatov) nevertheless reported to the Russian press (Izvestia) that Vinnik would have been informed of the charges against him by the French police on the spot. Nevertheless, it had not initiated the necessary procedures to interview the accused. The lawyer then described this operation as an “illegal interrogation”. According to Izvestia, Russian diplomats have come into contact with Vinnik and his lawyers and are following the case very closely.

Violation of rights

Russian media reports that: “The so-called interrogation was initiated by the prosecutor in charge of the case based in Paris. The same French justice is trying to strengthen its position against Vinnik “Izvestia – Izvestia.

In an interview with the same newspaper, the suspect argues that Paris would in fact require his extradition to be extradited to Washington. His Russian lawyer draws attention to recent facts that his client has been deprived of his rights. He also wishes to note that the manner in which this “false interrogation” was conducted was simply illegal since only Greek justice could direct this procedure on Greek territory; it was not the case. Musatov wonders then about the origin of the intervention of the French because they do not have “adequate authorizations”.

A date has been set for Russia and France to hold talks and reach agreement on the arrest and extradition of Vinnik. A new trial will then take place on Tuesday 4 September and Greece could then have the last word. Defense counsel said it was the first time he had witnessed such a legal battle between three countries wanting to arrest one and the same person.

The best defense for Alexander Vinnik, would it be the attack?

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