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SwissBorg is launching the first ICO Competition to assist and incubate promising ICO projects, by giving them the unique opportunity to promote their project and expand their community.

Get your idea launched into the Blockchain Space!

  • Are you passionate about blockchain technology and a decentralized future?
  • Do you have an idea that combines the world of gaming with blockchain technology?
  • Are you working on a blockchain project but need mentorship, feedback, resources or investment?

SwissBorg have designed an ICO incubation competition to connect budding entrepreneurs to an international network of mentors, resources and investors in the blockchain ecosystem. We want to help you grow your idea!  The winner of our competition will receive the ultimate prize: SwissBorg as your partner and guide for the successful launch of your ICO. We will advise you through the entire process: from pre-ICO to the token sale as well as the post-ICO period.

All the way up!

Winner’s package

  • Technology : access to a secure & customizable holistic platform
  • Consulting and Guidance : receive strategic advice & feedback from top executives, financial professionals, tech experts and community partners within the vast SwissBorgecosystem.
  • Access to Investors and Capital : the contest will give you the opportunity to pitch to investors and network in the blockchain space. Winning will boost your credibility as a promising blockchain start-up, making it easier to launch ICO and fundraise.

Swissborg Story

The success of our SwissBorgICO, that took place a little less than a year ago is a source of pride for our team. We managed to reach more than 70,000 from 149 different countries a little less than 50% invested. Besides the capital that we raised, we gained a 100k-to date community of diverse and engaged individuals, our true wealth and motivation.

Having reached our ICO target we now want to share the wealth and help other entrepreneurs with promising ideas (like yours) launch their projects, successfully, and enter the blockchain space. The ICO Competition to select the best project to host on our platform will not only give a boost to innovative ICOs but it will have the mutual and collective benefit of helping expand the blockchain ecosystem.

Make your ICO taking off!

Why an ICO competition?

The ICO process is not easy to navigate. We learned this when we launched our first ICO, where one of the major challenges we faced was finding an ICO platform that fit all of our criteria.

Our initial checklist was as follows:

  1. A high level of security on the platform
  2. Flexibility: the option to accept contributions in both Fiat and Crypto
  3. An integrated KYC/AML process.
  4. Optimized UX and UI to increase the conversion ratio
  5. Strong blockchain startups are, unfairly, met with confusion and complicated processes when they launch their ICO. Making the process easier to navigate for other ICOs is the primary motivation behind our ICO platform and competition.

Why would you participate?

While participating in our ICO competition does not guarantee the winning prize, it will give you invaluable experience as you enter the exciting world of blockchain applications. Applying and competing in the competition will allow you to showcase and present your ideas and work. You will receive critical feedback on your project’s use-cases, which is invaluable for entrepreneurial endeavours. Whether your idea is big or small, regardless of who or where in the world you are we invite you to apply! Why hesitate? Even if you don’t pass one round you can always try again!

Are you ready to join?

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