Monday, January 18, 2021

South Korea: Bitcoin classified as a financial asset

After Russia last summer and Ukraine last October, it is now the turn for South Korea to qualify Bitcoin as a financial asset. South Korea and Bitcoin, a tumultuous love story. At the beginning of the year, a wave of panic had blown not only on the crypto community but...

United States: 80% decrease in criminal activity via Bitcoin

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The United States Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) says criminal activity via cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply in the last five years. While bitcoin transactions are rising sharply, the currency of Nakamoto used by some criminals now only accounts for one-tenth of these transactions. Volume going up and ratio going down We remember the statement of a former US federal prosecutor. This...

LVMH, Consensys and Microsoft: visionary supply chain with Blockchain

LVMH x Blockchain
In June, the permissioned blockchain tracking the production of the entire LVMH group will be launched. Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior will open the way. LVMH, the luxury brand conglomerate, owner of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Dom Pérignon is about to...

Venezuela: Petro nowhere to be seen

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Yet formally announced by the President of Venezuela in person, the local cryptocurrency, the Petro, should have been issued with, not only oil reserves as collateral, but also gold, diamonds and other commodities. A few months later, after a major issue of the latter, the record is far from brilliant: no one user, no investor and...

South Korea: end of tax benefits for exchanges

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Eventually, after a series of events and an urgent call from the Financial Services Commission, the South Korean government announces the introduction of new changes for the exchanges of the region. “Laissez-faire” period Park Yong-jin, South Korean labor activist and politician in the liberal Minjoo Party of...

Three ways Blockchain could contribute to social good

Blockchain Social Good
Bitcoin and crypto in general, have seen a lot of bad press. In particular related to extreme energy consumption from mining. Some articles have even suggested the digital currency growth could have a negative impact on the environment. Large energy consumption and mining are serious issues. Yet, the press hasn’t discussed much of the positive angles...

Iran: cryptocurrency may be back

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The Iranian Central Bank decides to lift the bans on cryptocurrencies by next month. This approach opens the way for new regulations for the latter in the country. Opening the same file once again: cryptocurrency Shortly before the summer, the currency of Nakamoto and all these derivatives had experienced strong moments in the Persian Gulf and more particularly in the country...

Iran: in the footsteps of the Venezuelan Petro

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Penalties, hardening and bilateral relations between the United States and Iran have been steadily worsening over the last two years. The economic sanctions now weighing on the country of Hassan Rouhani could, in addition, have a negative impact on the economy of this country - OPEC's second largest oil producer - slowing global growth.

Strategic partnership for a trusted digital asset ecosystem

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Deutsche Börse, Swisscom and Sygnum enter into strategic partnership to build a trusted digital asset ecosystem. Core elements of new ecosystem to provide issuance, custody, access to liquidity and banking services leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology. The partnership is strengthened through cross-shareholdings in key components of the ecosystem.

Bitmain: investment of US $ 500 million

The mastodonte Bitmain has announced its intention via a press release to create a blockchain data processing center and a Texas-based bitcoin mining site for $ 500 million as part of its expansion into the United States. Bitmain, unstoppable Nearly half a billion is the equivalent of last year's nominal GDP of Comoros, islands in the Indian Ocean, in northern Mozambique....