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We’ve created an agenda that touches base on a myriad of hot topics interweaved with a line-up of some of the best minds in the business and innovators to the stage.

A warm welcome and engaging introduction will be provided by Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre. He is the exceptional number one maker of the UAE crypto industry, who will headline a discussion on regulatory updates within the middle eastern region, providing attendees with a neat frame to dive into further discussion.

AIBC Speakers

The focus of the agenda will always be forward, capturing the future-driven growth of crypto and its people. Brock Pierce, Member Board of Directors for SRAX and former US presidential candidate, will set the stage for the extraordinary conferences on DeFi and FinTech trends, illuminating issues relevant to the future sculptors of the industry. With an eye on AIBC’s home, we will discuss the possibilities, obligations and implications of futureproofing Malta’s economy through digital transformation with Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy and Industry for Malta.

And in a leap across the globe and into cyberspace, we proudly present the stunning voices of the AIBC conference. Dubai Blockchain Center CEO Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni will reappear, as well as his advisor Matthias Mende, with further indispensable insights on UAE crypto regulation. Experts such as Gustavo Montero, principal-senior blockchain advisor at DSCP of the UAE will provide insight into the rise of central banks adopting cryptocurrencies.

The one and only founder Roger Ver will share some of his incredible mind universe and the founding father of blockchain professor Scott Stornetta, who has innovation and creativity pegged to his name, will leave the room in awe. Do not miss the chance to encounter the young and living-the-dream TRON founder Justin Sun. and take the chance to learn from the one-person thinktank, consultant to the regulator Financial Services Commission (Mauritius) Loretta Joseph, as well as the world leading innovator, founder and CEO of Turing Industries Steve Chao.

Exclusive NFT Guest Amrita Sethi

The cosmopolitan NFT artist Amrita Sethi will add grasping aesthetics to the crypto universe. Fernando Marthino, founder and CEO of Unicorn will dive deep into the Metaverse and clarify questions on the emerging NFT, while CEO of Cryptonics Stefan Beyer will tame the dangers of these depths by elaborating on cyber security.

Chairman and president of the Future Trends Group Farzam Kamalaba will discuss theological implications of the digital economy, while CEO and founder of YesWeTrust Stefan Kanalga will provoke thoughts on the impact of social tech on humanity.

The event will see the honourable official signing ceremony with His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum.

Exclusive interviews with Block Magazine will document the eventive brilliance of the centuries greatest crypto minds in the newest edition, released today on May 24, focusing on trends and regulations in Dubai.

The agenda of the event was created together with technology experts and includes a series of panel discussions and talks on topics such as regulatory news with a focus on the Middle East region, the spread of digital currencies, market-influencing trends in 2021 like NFT, the future of digital banking and AI-powered solutions for trading platforms.

As conferences come to a close, we encourage you to join our networking drinks in bid to meet new people and exchange business cards. Meet the major makers of the world while gazing across the Persian Golf, brass-coloured glass of award-winning whiskey in hand. This Networking Drinks event will provide a luxurious setting for casual encounters with the many incredible characters who gather in Dubai with us this year to exchange the amazing knowledge of the world’s greatest blockchain thinktanks. The unique gathering will take place from 18:00 to 20:00 in the Vista Lounge of the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City this afternoon.

AIBC Dubai Awards

Later on in the evening will be the highly coveted AIBC Dubai Awards, celebrating the best of the Emerging Tech industry in a record-breaking awards night with a premium guest list. The most inspiring revolutionary thinkers will be celebrating the incredible achievements of the very best with AIBC awards in the magical atmosphere of the Al Baraha Ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel. The unforgettable golden interior will be populated with the most talented professionals of the industry, enjoying the artisanal ambience awaiting the announcement of the most inspiring makers of the known universe. From 20:00 to 23:00, we invite our honorable guests to join the celebration of one the most exciting industries of all time. It’s not too late to choose your pick from the greatest tech industry innovators of the world. Cast your vote!

Stay tuned till the end as we close off the  magical night with a VIP Dinner featuring  magnificent minds on top the Zaytoun Terrace as they provide luxurious leisure coupled with unique encounters at the VIP dinner in Crowne Plaza Hotel. The perfect dinner comme d’une rêve is the networking opportunity to take your venture through the roof. From 20:00 to 23:00, the picturesque location will be populated with selected top crypto thinkers. For an invitation by the sponsor or further information, service stands ready for you through

AIBC Dubai:

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The livestream will broadcast the global gathering in real time, and let you take part in the many ground-breaking speeches of elite delegates, policymakers and thought leaders of the world. Through its international recognition, the AIBC Summit has become a favourite on the world circuit for emerging tech conferences and expos. The livestream will begin 9:30 each day, and take you through the exlcusive event.

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